Sustainability (r)evolution

Qwarzo® is a polymer-free technology with revolutionary features.

Years of research & continuous improvement

Continuous improvement has given us excellent results in terms of oil and water resistance, oxygen barrier and water vapour and resistance to low and high temperatures which we offer to improve our clients' products.

Who we are
Commitment of sustainability, compostability & biodegradability

Qwarzo® can combine with all materials in every sector, including the most complex which are subjected to tight rules like in the food or pharmaceutical industry. Qwarzo® brand can guarantee clients using a higher capacity material, offering a competitive differentiation unique for technological innovation.

Single-use Plastic Free

We use paper treated with Qwarzo®

We have been preparing in time to the EU Directive 2019/904 rules which have abolished many plastic mono-use products from the markets within the European Union starting from July 3rd 2021.

We are proud of our achievements

Thanks to Qwarzo® technology today it is possible using paper to substitute many objects once only made with plastic. In 2021 we have already replaced more than 1000 tons of plastic and we predict to replace ten times more in 2022.

Qwarzo® is nowadays leader in the production of coffee stirrers, particularly sold through the vending market (adopted already by a large number of companies in the European market) and ice cream spoons, of which it is the distributor amongst the most prestigious European chain of ice cream stores.

“Since its founding, in 1973, Flo has always been attentive to research, innovation and quality. In these things we see new perspectives for the Company development. Qwarzo® technology has represented for us a turning point with plastic free coffee stirrers in the vending sector. We have immediately adopted the Qwarzo® sustainable philosophy, considering that as a great opportunity not only for the development of our business but also for an effective focus on the environment preservation. Today we are very happy with the choice we made and with the steps forward we did together with Qwarzo®.”
Daniele Simonazzi
“Unilever’s Foods & Refreshment R&D Materials Capability Team partnered with Qwarzo® on this game-changing technology. In fact, GROM is the first brand to use Qwarzo®’s new coated ice-cream spoons. The spoons have been developed specifically for the ice cream market, giving us a first mover advantage. Feedback from consumers during a pilot launch earlier this year and since the initiative went live has been very positive with many commenting on the pleasant mouth fee The launch of this innovative concept by GROM marks a first step in the use of paper as a material in a more sustainable ice cream experience across our other brands.”
Beltramino Facundo
Global R&D Packaging Materials Specialist // Unilever

Our current production model: Paper & Nature.

We mainly directly produce ice cream scoops and coffee stirrers. Within our qualified engineering company we have developed solutions for numerous applications of paper treatment for the packaging. We cooperate with lots of international brands to make their packaging in oil and water resistant paper.

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